Whether you’ve had a bad experience in the past or you’ve heard horror stories from others, it’s safe to say the prospect of losing your bond (or even a portion of it) can be fairly stressful. Stress less, we have a few simple tips to make sure you’re well prepared for your final bond inspection.

Funnily enough, making sure you get your bond back actually begins at the commencement of your tenancy. When you receive your Property Condition Report (PCR), it’s imperative you go over it with a fine tooth comb and make note of any indiscrepancies and photograph every single crack, dent, chip or other defect which may have been missed in the PCR. It’s also important you pay special attention to the gardens (unless of course you’re in an apartment or villa) and make sure their current state is well documented. It may sound tedious but it can save you in the long run.

Throughout the duration of your tenancy, make sure you report any issues as they arise. Not only can some issues be mitigated if caught early, you wouldn’t want to leave broken window coverings until you move out as things like that can be taken out of your bond.



It may sound silly – but clean as you go! It’s a lot easier to remove soap scum or a little stain as things like that arise than it is after a period of build-up. Similarly, if the property you are renting does have gardens, keep on top of them! Bringing dead grass back to life or pulling months’ worth of weeds in one go is no fun.


Understand the difference between normal wear and tear and damage to the property. We understand normal wear and tear occurs, after all, the property is being lived in but there is a difference between flaking paint and worn out carpets vs that GHD burn on the laminate benchtop and peeling paint from sticky hooks that never should have been hung.

Be prepared! If you aren’t planning on hiring a professional for a full vacate clean, give yourself adequate time prior to your vacate date to both pack and clean. If you do hire a professional, make sure you check their work before signing off. Don’t forget to book in your professional carpet clean (and pet fumigation where necessary), we also recommend you check the skirting and window coverings after your carpet has been cleaned as dust can tend to rise and settle.


Give the walls a good clean, we recommend the Sabco Heavy Duty Eraser Pad from Bunnings. It works like a charm every single time! We also recommend making sure all electronic remotes work (air conditioning, garage door etc) and if they don’t, be sure to replace the batteries as this is generally the most common cause.




Make sure you are up to date in your rental payments and that you return every single key and access device you were given, these are things which can be deducted from your bond.


These handy hints should make the entire moving process less stressful and we hope they help, however, the above advice is purely a guide and naturally, individual circumstances may vary.

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